FSSAI has standardized the

Maximum Residue Limits

(MRL) of the Heavy Metals that are

permissible in the Food products in question.

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Why Heavy Metal Testing is needed?

What are Heavy metals?

Characterized by their heavy density, Heavy metals are toxic and poisonous even at minute quantities and are almost impossible to degrade or destroy, which is why food and water should be tested before consumption.

What comprises Heavy Metals?

Heavy Metals include Mercury [Hg], Cadmium [Cd], Arsenic [As], Chromium [Cr], Thallium [Tl] and Lead [Pb]. The others which are poisonous at high levels are Copper [Cu], Zinc [Zn], Nickel [Ni] and Tin [Ti].

Why your product needs Heavy Metal testing?

The consumption of heavy metals through polluted food and water endangers the lives of consumers. Compromising the safety of people brings down profits, brand equity and face value of the company.

Heavy Metal Testing in India

FSSAI, India’s Food Safety Monitoring Authority has, under Food Safety and Standards

(Contaminants, Toxins and Residues) Regulation, 2011, stated that chemicals used in

foods shall not contain ‘Metal Contaminants’ more than the maximum limit specified.

These ‘metal contaminants’ include Lead, Arsenic, Copper and few others. The limits

vary as per the product in question. Testing food products for metals is important for

consumer acceptance, brand equity and to be on par with International Quality.

The Food Products we Test

As pivotal is testing of heavy metals for food products, raw materials, ingredients, and ancillary substances, we conduct metal testing for a wide array of edible products. These include, but are not limited to, the following products –

Confectionery items

Beverages (Soft drinks, Alcohol, Juices)


Milk and Dairy Products

Cereals and Legumes

Yeast and Yeast products

Tea, Coffee powder

Sweets, Sugars

Water (Carbonated, Ice)

Fortified Foods


Grain Flours, Refined Flours

Fats, Oils, Ghee, etc

Sauces, Marmalade, Pickles

Honey, Dry Fruits

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Testing for heavy metals in food products is highly essential for obtaining food license. The presence of heavy metals in food products or packing material, both are harmful to life.

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